Ceylon Tiger (Parantica taprobana)

Ceylon Tiger (Parantica taprobana) Ceylon Tiger (Parantica taprobana) Ceylon Tiger (Parantica taprobana)

It is noticeably faster flier than any other Danaid. It flies commonly near to tree canopy and get nectar on wayside flowers. It hangs on the flowers at an incline with wings partly open while feeding. It flies lazily along pathways and road sides. Not easy to approach and will fly away albeit slowly at any sudden movement. At very sunny days this species used to be seen flying slowly about the flowers in parks


Restricted to central mountain forests in Sri Lanka. The upper surface of both wings is rich in dark chocolate brown with bright greenish white markings. The forewings have two distinct streaks starting at the base of the wings and the hind wing has similar markings. Both upper wing surfaces have a number of rounded spots towards the outer margins. The markings on the underside correspond to those on the upper surface but are lighter in color.

Identification characters of sexes

The scent patches on the male are elongate. They are located on veins 1a and 1b towards the distal end of the hind wings. The scent patch on 1b is twice as large as the one on 1a.

Ceylon Tiger (Parantica taprobana) Ceylon Tiger (Parantica taprobana) Ceylon Tiger (Parantica taprobana)



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