Shared Linux Hosting

In a traditional web hosting environment, your site and its associated data will be located on one server in one location. This can cause problems if your server goes offline or the datacenter where your server is located burns down. So what’s the solution to this problem? Clustered hosting.

Clustered hosting offers a 100% uptime solution for sites that need it most. Instead of one server, your website depends on the resources of multiple servers. These servers are generally located in different physical areas. If one of them goes offline, the other servers in the cluster will pick up the load, assuring that your site stays online.

Clustered server hosting is also beneficial for extremely large, high traffic sites. Since multiple servers are handling the load balance, security and data resources, your site will run with greater efficiency than if it were on a single server.

This type of hosting is not for those on a budget. A clustered hosting solution is created specifically for a single site or network of sites and can be fairly expensive, depending on the amount of resources needed. Clustered hosting providers can give you a quote if you know what you need and will work with you in order to figure out the optimal solution at an affordable price if you’re not quite sure what kind of setup you’ll require.

If clustered hosting doesn’t sound like the right solution for you, look into dedicated server hosting or shared hosting.

  • SLH1GB

    - 1GB Storage
    - 10GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 8,000 Annually

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  • SLH2GB

    - 2GB Storage
    - 20GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 9,000 Annually

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  • SLH4GB

    - 4GB Storage
    - 40GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 12,000 Annually

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  • SLH6GB

    - 6GB Storage
    - 60GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 14,000 Annually

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  • SLH8GB

    - 8GB Storage
    - 80GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 17,000 Annually

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  • SLH10GB

    - 10GB Storage
    - 100GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 19,000 Annually

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  • SLH15GB

    - 15GB Storage
    - 150GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 25,000 Annually

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  • SLH20GB

    - 20GB Storage
    - 200GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 32,000 Annually

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  • SLH25GB

    - 25GB Storage
    - 250GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 38,000 Annually

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  • SLH30GB

    - 30GB Storage
    - 300GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 40,000 Annually

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  • SLH40GB

    - 40GB Storage
    - 400GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 57,000 Annually

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  • SLH50GB

    - 50GB Storage
    - 500GB Bandwidth
    - LKR 69,000 Annually

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