Ceylon Junglefowl

Ceylon Junglefowl Ceylon Junglefowl Ceylon Junglefowl

Sri Lanka Junglefowl "Gallus lafayetii" (Lesson, 1831)

The junglefowl is one of the more commonly-seen endemics with an island-wide range. The junglefowl’s comb is not sharply serrated and is distinctive for its red and yellow colors. The female is very differently colored from the male, and lacks a comb or wattles on the head; females also lack spurs. The young resemble females but lack white underparts; the upper plumage of male juveniles is rather more reddish than that of females. Males achieve adult plumage by the second year, the tail attaining its full length in the third year.

Junglefowls occur in most large patches of forest in all zones but are more often heard than seen and the male’s distinctive cry carries a considerable distance through the forest. Although less common at higher elevations, the junglefowl is known to breed up to elevations of around 1,650 meters. Wilpattu National Park is perhaps one of the best places to get good sightings of these birds.

Ceylon Junglefowl Ceylon Junglefowl Ceylon Junglefowl

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