Ceylon Woodpigeon

Ceylon Woodpigeon Ceylon Woodpigeon Ceylon Woodpigeon

Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon "Columba torringtoni" (Bonaparte, 1854)

The Sri Lanka wood pigeon is recognized from other pigeons on the island from its dark grey wings and maroon brown underside, and the distinctive chequer board-like patch on the back of the neck. The neck patch is not well-developed in young birds. Adult birds could measure up to 35.5cm in length.

The wood pigeon is essentially a mountain bird, above 1,650 meters altitude (they wander to lower elevations occasionally). The species has recently been recorded from the Sinharaja Forest at an elevation of just 300 meters. These birds prefer forested areas and are abundant in the few remaining patches of the forest around Nuwara Eliya, and in the Peak Wilderness. They frequent the forest canopy, feeding on berries and fruits, especially wild cinnamon. A very shy bird, the wood e n are generally found in pairs except when roosting and feeding. They call a deep hoo.

The nest made from sticks is usually placed 7 meters or higher above the ground. Like most pigeon nests, it is flimsy and untidy. A single glossy-white egg, around 3×2.5 cm in size, is laid during the northeast monsoon.

Ceylon Woodpigeon Ceylon Woodpigeon Ceylon Woodpigeon

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