Ceylon Scaly Thrush

Ceylon Scaly Thrush Ceylon Scaly Thrush Ceylon Scaly Thrush

Scaly Thrush "Zoothera imbricata"

This brown bird which is very scaly in appearance measures around 24 cm. The bill appears long in proportion to the head. Often it is covered with mud too. Very elusive and difficult to spot on the ground, often the high pitch squeak or heavy rolling song indicates its presence.

It was considered till recently to be seen only in the hill country. It was first caught in Sinharaja in 1980, around 300 meters altitude and is now confirmed breeding resident of the reserve. Thus, it appears that it is most likely present at lower elevation forest reserves, but its shy elusive habit has resulted in not being detected.

It is a year round territorial bird. The nest is built up in trees at about 3 – 5 meters, a large cup with a lot of moss padding. Around two eggs that are bluish with some brown speckles are laid. The breeding season is generally from February – March and occasionally from July to October.

Ceylon Scaly Thrush Ceylon Scaly Thrush Ceylon Scaly Thrush

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