Nature Wildlife Sri Lanka

Nature Wildlife Sri Lanka Nature Wildlife Sri Lanka Nature Wildlife Sri Lanka

Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery

Turtles are reptiles of the order Chelonii. Therefore they are also called chelonians by researchers and conservationists. Chelonians are charaterized by the special bony shell or carapace, which is developed from their ribs and acts as a shield.

Spice Gardens

Sri Lanka has always been reknowned for its spices. Over 15 different spices call Sri Lanka home and many of them are traded in the international spice market. Cinnamon especially is endemic to Sri Lanka, and highest quality ‘true cinnamon’ can be obtained here.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is situated northwest of the town of Kegalle, halfway between the present capital Colombo and the ancient royal residence Kandy. It was established in 1975 by the Sri Lanka Wildlife Department in a 25 acre coconut property adjoining the Maha Oya River.

Pinnawala Open Zoo

The Pinnawala Open Air Zoo is Sri Lanka’s first open air zoo which has been declared open to the public as of April 2015. Located within proximity to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, the zoo spreads over an expanse of 44 acres which has been landscaped without harming its natural beauty.

Zoological Garden

Zoological Garden in Sri Lanka is situated in 11 km from the Fort – Colombo, the zoo has a fine collection of animals, birds, reptiles and fish from all over the world. The aquarium is the only one of its kind in Asia and displays over 500 varieties of aquatic life. Also walk through Aviary, Reptilian, and Butterfly Park to see another amazing world of wild animals.

Muthurajawela Wetlands

Muthurajawela is a marsh in Sri Lanka in the southern region of the Negombo lagoon, 30 km north of Colombo. It is the island’s largest peat bog, and is notable for its unique and highly diverse ecosystem.

Hummanaya Blow Hole

Hummanaya Blowhole is the only known blowhole in Sri Lanka and it is considered to be the second largest blowhole in the world. “Hummanaya” refers to the noise, “hoo”, that can be heard a distance away when the blowhole is active.

Moon Plain Nuwara Eliya

Nestled 6,200 feet above mean sea level, Moon Plains offers visitors a spectacular 360 degree unique picturesque view of surrounding mountain ranges such as Pidurutalaga (8,281 feet), Single Tree Mountain ((6,890 feet) Kikiliyamana Mountain (7,339 feet), Great Western Mountain (7,257 feet), Konical Hill Mountain (7,116 feet) Kirigalpoththa Mountain (7,835 feet), Thotupola Mountain (7,737 feet), Hakgala Mountain (7,110 feet) and Namunukula Mountain (6,667 feet).

Handunugoda Tea Estate

Among the foothills of Ahangama rises the famous Virgin White Tea Factory, Handunugoda. Surrounded by an evergreen forest in the Southern Province, Handunugoda Tea Estate is the only estate and factory in the coastal belt of Sri Lanka. They have much reknown as the artisanal producers of luxury teas. In addition to the Signature Virgin White, the factory is also known for other award-winning teas such as Ceylon Souchong, Saphire Oolong, and Flowery Cammellia. The teas are exclusively created and handmade by the sole proprieter Herman Gunaratne; using tried and tested orthodox methods to produce exquisite whole-leaf teas that can be brewed several times.

Attidiya Bird Sanctuary

Located in the outskirts of Colombo, Attidiya Bird Sanctuary is a small land (may be the only place near Colombo) for the birds and other animals to take refuge in. I was surprised at the biodiversity which I encountered for a place that is right in the backyard of Colombo city.

Anawilundawa Wetland Sanctuary

The Anawilundawa Wetland Sanctuary is located between Chilaw and Puttalam, approximately a 1 hour drive from The Mudhouse.

Kudumbigala Forest Hermitage

The Kudumbigala Sanctuary is 4,403 hectares in extent. It was declared a sanctuary on September 28, 1973. Despite it being a sanctuary, a little private ownership is allowed where villagers from Panama own land within the area. There was a period when they were driven away by terrorists but now they have reclaimed their land and are living a happy farming life.

Mackwoods Labookellie Tea Factory

Mackwoods is a pioneer in the management of tea estates and, has been involved since the inception of tea plantations in Sri Lanka. In recognition of the Company’s proven track record in plantation management, the Company was appointed as Advisors to the Government of Zambia in respect of the agricultural and management aspects of the Zambian tea estates in the early 1970’s and was also subsequently successful in its competitive bid to manage a plantation Company again when Mackwoods was selected to manage Agalawatte Plantations Ltd, consisting of 17 tea and rubber estates, spanning 27,000 acres.

Pinnawala Iperanigama Theme Park

Pinnawala iperanigama can be introduce d as a replica of traditional folk life of Sri Lanka that was a existed during 17 and 18 centuries .This destination shows the prosperious economic system, control system, cultivation, regional and cultural value of the ancient people.


Meemure is a village in Sri Lanka with a population of about 400. It is located near the border between Kandy District and Matale District in the Knuckles Mountain Range.

Kanneliya Rain Forest

Kanneliya Rain Forest is just one of the Galle’s many landmarks to discover. Tourists whom are seeking adventure based tourism locations in Sri lanka tour the Kanneliya rain forest. Probably it is more appropriate for a natural bath, Hiking, waterfalls and beautiful landscapes. It is a low land forest extends about 5306 ha.

Makandawa Rain Forest

You might have visited this place, where the conditions are very similar to those of Sinharaja. This is just 1km away from Kitulagala town & can get the help of a traditional boat to cross over the river Kelani.


Shanthipura is the highest village in North East of Sri Lanka and accessible from the Nuwara Eliya Kandy road. Located at the bottom of a hill, this little village gives a panoramic view of the distant blue hills and the lake next to the valley, gradually again going up a slope with the green tea bushes.

Talangama Wetland

Talangama Wetland. The rising sun had begun to burn away the darkness leaving a smouldering mist hanging over the lake.

Beddegana Wetland Park

Beddagana Wetland Park. Beddagana Wetland Park -Sri Lanka is a wetland nature park 18 hectare in extent located within the highly urbanized…

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary. Udawatta Kele Sanctuary, often spelled as Udawattakele, is a historic forest reserve on a hill-ridge in the city of Kandy…

Kanniya Hot Springs

Kanniya Hot Springs. Kanniya Hot Springs is famous hot well in Sri Lanka from the past. There are seven wells in a square shape. Wells are only 3–4 feet…

Elephant Pass

Elephant Pass. Elephant Pass, Northern Province, Sri Lanka is located in the gateway of Jaffna Peninsula. There are about 340km north from capital to here…

Keerimalai Fresh water Spring

Keerimalai Fresh Water Spring. Keerimalai is a natural spring lying next to the sea west of Palaly. A bathing tank is built surrounding this pool…

Nilavarai Bottomless Well

Nilavarai Bottomless Well. Situated along the Puttur road in Jaffna and flanked by a modern Sivan Kovil, the Nilavarai Bottomless Well showed no signs…

Kaludiya Pokuna Forest

Kaludiya Pokuna Forest. Kaludiya Pokuna Archeological Forest Site, is a forest with archeological remains in Kandalama, in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka…

Millennium Elephant Foundation

Millennium Elephant Foundation. Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF) a family run non-government organization (NGO) which is dedicated to improving…

Snake Farm

Snake Farm. It is the best place to observe the endemic venomous and non-venomous snakes. The place located near Mirissa and within a short…

Rekawa Turtle Observation Camp

Rekawa Turtle Observation Camp. REKAWA is located about 10 km east of the south coast town of Tangalla. Sri Lankan Expeditions works closely with the TCP (Turtle Conservation Project) in their ‘Turtle Watch’ programme on the Rekawa beach…


Ussapitiya. Ussapitiya is a small town in Sri Lanka. Located in Sri Lanka, near Anuradhapura and Kurunegala…

Strawberry Farm Nuwara Eliya

Strawberry Farm Nuwara Eliya. Strawberry Farm can be reached via Hakgala, Ambewela Road, New Zealand Farm Road. Freshly picked Strawberries are available at many outlets and cafes that serve Strawberry drinks, Ice cream pancakes etc…

Wawulpone Cave

Wawulpone Cave. Waulpone, the ‘legendary Rock Cave’ with the unexpected archaeological evidence of a civilisation, tens of thousand years old, running back to the time of the “Balangoda Man” is again, in the grips of a new menace, the illegal gemming activities…

Belilena Cave

Belilena is a famous large cave in Sri Lanka. It is located 8 km from the town of Kitulgala. It holds evidence of a lost generation of Sri Lankans.

Batatotalena Cave

Batatotalena Cave. The Batatotalena Cave, also known as the Diva Guhava in Buddhist literature, is a cave system in Sudagala, 8 km (5 mi) away from the town of Kuruwita, in the Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka….

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya

Victoria Park Nuwara Eliya. The Victoria Park is a public park located in Nuwara Eliya, next to the Nuwara Eliya Post Office in Sri Lanka. Originally…

Mahalenama Cave

Mahalenama Cave. Lies between Kumana & Lahugala-Kithulana National parks this ancient Buddhist monastery is also believed to be the place where according to preserved Vedda legend for us a recollection of a lost race known as the Nittevo…

Pedro Tea Estate

Pedro Tea Estate. To see where your morning cuppa originates, head to the Pedro Tea Estate, about 3.5km east of Nuwara Eliya on the way to Kandapola…

Nature Wildlife Sri Lanka Nature Wildlife Sri Lanka Nature Wildlife Sri Lanka
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