Dambatenne Tea Factory

Dambatenne Tea Factory Dambatenne Tea Factory Dambatenne Tea Factory

History of dambatenne tea factory:

Dambatenne Tea Factory was built in the year 1980 by the Scottish baron Sir Thomas lipton, the notable figure in tea history of Sri Lanka and the founder of the well-renowned brand lipton tea. The first-sold Lipton Tea extract was manufactured here and the very term, ceylon tea, is supposed to have evolved from here. Although the estate and factory changed hands in 1930, the famous lipton still continues to purchase a large sum of tea products from the Dambatenne tea factory.

Attracitons of dambatenne tea factory:

The Dambatenne Tea Factory is a picturesque working tea plantation and factory located near the city of haputale in Sri Lanka, spread over acres of the country's most lush mountainous region in the country's central highlands, en route to the must-see lipton seat. Tourists visit this popular tea factory to see all the stages of tea production and enjoy the amazing scenery of the valleys, which are pleasantly cooler than naturally cooled Europe. Since most of the equipment in the factory is over a hundred years old, the Dambatenne tea plantation also gives a glimpse of the country's colonial period.

Dambatenna Tea Estate is a beautiful, lush hillside spread over several acres with an extensive working tea factory that can display various stages of tea production such as cutting, drying, turning, filtering, grading and labeling. Options. There are paths you can walk between the estates. At the other end foggy mountains appear. The famous Lipton seat is close to the corner, and the environment could not be more beautiful.

Dambatenne Tea Factory Dambatenne Tea Factory Dambatenne Tea Factory

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