Bummadiya Bummadiya Bummadiya

The Bummadiya is a small drum which resembles a water vessel or a clay pot. Its origins are similar as it’s made by clay, which is fired in a kiln. The body of the drum is then decorated in multi-coloured motifs, and played during paddy harvesting celebrations. The membrane is interestingly either made from goat, monitor lizard or monkey hide.

It is prepared after burning in a kiln. This instrument has only one face and its diameter is between 6 to 8 inches. Animal hides (goat, monkey or monitor lizard) are used to cover the face. Bummadiya is used in the songs of the farmers when harvesting paddy. This is also called "Kalaham" or "kalaberaya". The body of the drum is decorated in colourful motifs. The drum is hung on the player’s shoulder with swppert of a Savaram or connecting wire. Kala Ham or Kalabera are synonyms for the Bummadiya.

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