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Losing your sex drive is not a good sign, for your health as well as relationship. Try these Ayurvedic herbs to awaken a dead libido.

Is this becoming your regular reply to your partner trying to spice things up? Have you been feeling like you have lost those urges? If that’s the case, this should definitely be a cause of concern because losing your libido cannot just wreck your sex life but might also affect your relationship. Moreover, it will burden you mentally and emotionally.

Don’t panic just yet! Today’s stress levels and lifestyle make it quite a common problem to have. Ladies, sadly, you are more at risk than the men.

According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, chronic stress is related to lower levels of genital sexual arousal. Both psychological and hormonal factors were related to lower levels of sexual arousal seen in women suffering from high chronic stress.

It seems like mother nature knew that stress is going to dominate our lives and that’s why, we have been blessed with nature’s gift to boost our sex lives with Ayurveda.

Yes, there are certain herbs that can kick start your sex life in no time.