Terms And Conditions Self Drive

Terms And Conditions Self Drive Terms And Conditions Self Drive Terms And Conditions Self Drive

This agreement is made an entered into on the release date under hire information given overleaf by and between Our company and Client as per Name given under client information over leaf of the address given under client information over leaf (hereinafter referred to as the hirer) NICI Business Reg. No. given under client information over leaf Driving License No given under driver information over leaf and witnesseth as follows:

  1. The service provider agrees to hire the said vehicle and the said Hirer agrees to take on lease for a period as per dates given under hire information over leaf.

  2. The Hire/ Lease charges are as indicated under the charges section over leaf and conditions as per the original quotation. The billing and Invoicing will be as per the terms and conditions the rental contract is entered into. Any changes would require written confirmation of the changes from the service provider.

  3. The hirer would have to pay the service provider a Security Deposit as indicated under the charges section overleaf.

  4. Mileage/Fuel/ Time Calculation: Our garage to garage Basis h Colombo-06 (40km from the airport/where the vehicles are dispatched from (even if the hire starts or ends at any other location). Mileage is calculated on a cumulative basis for the hire i.e. 560km for 7 days. The number of days of hire is calculated on a ‘calendar day’ basis and not on 24-hour cycles. Any fuel difference at the end of the hire will be credited or debited to the client based on an approximate value based on standard fuel prices.

  5. In the event the hirer decides to extend the agreement period, a new agreement is required and the hirer agrees to pay the said hire charges prior to the conclusion of the initial hire period, whether demanded or not by the service provider and a receipt obtained within 3 days of notice. Any extension request should be made via mail, fax or email with acknowledgement from the hirer.

  6. If the contract is extended, the hirer agrees to pay the lease rental as per clause number 2 on a pro-rata basis of the existing rental rate.

  7. If the hirer fails to make such payment on the due date, the service provider shall take possession of the vehicle and all expenses in recovery of same shall be paid by the hirer together with a penalty for delayed payment at the rate of 5% per month of the invoice value. The guarantor/ second signatory is responsible for ensuring the safe return of the rented vehicle and the settlement all payments due.

  8. If the contract is prematurely terminated, the hirer agrees to pay the lease rental at the standard weekly rate (without any discount and with seasonal surcharges where applicable) will apply for hires up to 29 days. For hires which are 30 days or over, 25% of the total rental value of the remaining period of the contract (at point of termination) will apply as early termination charges.

  9. The hirer undertakes to check water/coolant, lubricants, battery water and tire pressure on a regular basis. Damages arising from negligence resulting from inadequate coolant or engine oil, broken fan belt, low tire pressure tear or any tire damage remain the responsibility of the hirer.

  10. Damages and losses whilst in the custody of the hirer limited to the standard refundable deposit value as per tariff (even in situations when the deposit is waived) to be borne by the hirer irrespective of fault. This contribution includes an accident handling charge of Rs .10,0 0 0, any idle time take to repair the vehicle (based on the rental fee of the vehicle) and towing charges. Where the client fails to proceed with the insurance or police reporting/ inspection process or the insurance company refuses a claim to either driving under intoxication, medication or negligence of the driver, the client is liable for the total loss up to the full in the case of the loss of number plates, windscreen registration sticker, revenue license documents or when requested by the insurance assessor. An alternate vehicle could be supplied at additional charge at the discretion of the hirer following an accident. The mileage/ fuel calculation of the damaged vehicle and the replacement would be on a garage to garage basis from and to Colombo-06. In the case of a dispute over damage/ repair charges or the idle time, the refundable deposit will be refunded less any deductions and all bank charges based on actual along with copies of repair bills once the job is complete.

  11. In case of accident, the hirer agrees to bear towing charges to a garage nominated by the service provider.

  12. The hirer agrees not to sublet the hired vehicle or allow the vehicle to be driven by any drivers not specified in the agreement or to use the vehicle for any illegal purposes. The security deposit will be subject to forfeiture and any of the damages claimed in case of failure to adhere. The hirer undertakes to release the service provider of any liability arising from any illegal use of the vehicle. The hirer shall be fully responsible for all liabilities arising from driving under the influence or liquor or driving without a Valid license. A driving license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of Sri Lanka Lanka (no less than 3 years old) or an International Driving License endorsed by the Automobile Association of Colombo.

  13. The, hired vehicle shall not be used for re-hiring, taxi running, learning purposes, speed tests, towing, demonstrations, motor-sport activities towing, safari trips, off-roading (gravel, sand, mud/ water) and political campaigning unless it is pre-arranged with written confirmation from the hirer. The security deposit will be subject to forfeiture and any of the damages claimed in case of failure to adhere.

  14. The hirer takes sole responsibility to ensure the hired vehicle shall not be parked or left unattended in any restricted area, high security zone or any other unsafe area. The vehicle shall not be taken to areas deemed unsafe by the ministry of defense and the insurance companies. Insurance is invalid in national parks. The vehicles may come with electronic tracking devices for the purposes of security, mileage calculation and service notification.

  15. The service provider will not be liable for any damage and/or injury and/or death arising out of any defect in and/or mechanical failure of the vehicle, nor for any loss or damages to any property transported in or left in the vehicle, nor for any damages, injury, death, consequential loss, loss of profits, or any other damages which the hirer or any person transported in the vehicle may suffer arising out of this agreement.

  16. The service provider reserves to the right to inspect the vehicle at any reasonable time of the day

  17. Delivery and re-delivery times between 7 .30am and 6.30 pm unless pre-arranged at our main office in Colombo 06 and on a 24-hour basis at the airport pickup/ drop off point only by pre-arrangement.

  18. Cancellation Policy: A day’s rental or 25% of the total hire charges (whichever is greater) will apply for any cancellation for standard hires bookings while 50% of the rental will be charged for wedding hires on the cancellation. The cancellation charge can be used as a credit for any vehicle hire within 6 months of the date of cancellation. Refunds of international payments will be subject to bank and transfer fees to be borne by the client. A change of date or model with be subject to a charge of Rs. 1000 per reservation. In the case of a premature termination, the charges and the mileage allocation will be pro- rated.

  19. Smoking inside the vehicle as well carrying the following items are prohibited in vehicles at all times: Pets, Raw/ Dried Meats, Durian Fruit, Fire Arms, Construction materials and any illegal materials. A day’s rental and professional cleaning charges on actual cost (up to Rs.10,000) will be charged.

  20. We guarantee a 24/7 Substitute Vehicle / Driver in case of an unlikely accident or a breakdown. Any change requests regarding driver or vehicle or other complaints can be made on as the concern arises on the same day via e-mail or on our general line +94 77 394 6141 / +94 115 747474

  21. The client and their employees in the case of an organization agrees to refrain from engaging or offering alternate employment to the drivers or any employees of the hirer at personal or organizational level.

Terms And Conditions Self Drive Terms And Conditions Self Drive Terms And Conditions Self Drive

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