Divurumpola Temple

Divurumpola Temple Divurumpola Temple Divurumpola Temple

Divurumpola - Buddhist temple and Hindu pilgrimage site of Agni Pariksha

Divurumpola near Welimada in Sri Lanka's central highlands has a Buddhist temple with a stupa, which has become a major Hindu pilgrimage site in recent years, as Divurumpola is said to be the location where Sita, consort of Rama, underwent the famous fire ordeal which is known as Agni Pariksha.

Ramayana Trail Site Divurumpola - where Sita's fire ordeal is believed to have taken place

The Agni Pariksha is one of the best-known episodes from the Indian Ramayana epic, which is a Holy Scripture of Hindus, because Lord Rama is one of the Avatars of Lord Vishnu. Sita underwent the ordeal called Agni Pariksha, after her husband Rama had won the battle to liberate her. But when Rama finally met Sita and she bowed at his feet, her husband seemed to doubt her fidelity. He asked for a proof of her purity, as he wanted to get rid of the rumours surrounding Sita's stay in Ravana's palace. Sita was distressedd and protested her innocence. She resolved to undergo the a fire ordeal, the Agni Pariksha, in order to prove her faithfulness and connubial purity. Hence she asked Lakshmana to erect a pyre. When Sita plunged into the sacrificial fire and invoked the fire god Agni as witness of her innocence, Agni arose out of the burning pyre and lifted her from the flames and presented her unharmed to Rama, attesting to her purity. Thereupon Rama declared that he himself had never had any doubts concerning Sita’s fidelity, but that the test was necessary to prove the truth of her purity and innocence before the eyes of the people.

The Sinhalese name "Divurumpola" means "marketplace of oath". This is the only reason why it has been identified as the site of the Agni Pariksha. The temple has long been respected as a suitable place for oaths that shall be helpful settling disputes between parties. In recent years, it has been developed into a memorial of the famous Ramayana episode by adding Hindu Ramayana paintings to the Buddhist temple, which now attracts Ramayana Trail pilgrims from India. Besides te Ashoka Vatika in Sita Eliya, where Sita had spent most of her time on the island and was found by Hanuman, the place of the Agni Pariksha in Divurumpola can be regarded as the second most important Ramayana Yatra site in Sri Lanka.

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