Daha Ata Wanguwa (18 Bends Road)

Daha Ata Wanguwa, also known as 18 Bends Road, is a famous asphalted drive found in the Central Province, a convenient mountainous region of Sri Lanka, joining Kandy to Mahiyanganaya. The route has a length of 41km, including 17 hairpin curves. It's also known as 18 hairpin bend road, and several drivers feared it as one of the challenging roads in the country. Though it is renowned as the 18 bend road, people come across only 17 bends in reality as one curve was eliminated long ago after stretching that section of the road.

The surface of the road is asphalt. Therefore, novice motorists should not attempt this stretch of road. In addition, the 41 KM distant road has been increased to 15 metres and carpeted from Udathenna to Mahiyanganaya. This road was an attractive road among the local and foreign travellers as it was a very rare experience for them to pass this terrain during their voyages to Mahiyangana or to the Eastern part of the country. For many children and also adults, counting these 17 bends during their journey and to have a brief stop over at the top of the hilly part to enjoy the picturesque scene in the valley of Mahiyanagana from the top of the hills was a very enjoyable experience.