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About Buttala

Buttala is a town in Sri Lanka. It is located in Monaragala District of Uva Province, Sri Lanka. The history of Buttala goes back to the time of King Dutugamunu in the 2nd century BC, when it was known as Guthala. The Mahavamsa chronicle of ancient Sri Lanka states that when Dutugamunu's army passed through Buttala en route to Rajarata in the north to wage war on Elara. The names of many places are derived from ancient times, often from the names of the generals of armies, as in the case of Buttala.

Attraction in Buttala


Yudaganawa, is a town situated in Buttala Divisional Secretariat, Uva province, Sri Lanka. The Chaitya at Yudaganawa has a circumference of 317 m (1,040 ft) and was initially thought to be a Kota Vehera - a large stupa built half way with a smaller stupa built on top of that. Recent archaeological excavations however have proved that this was not a Kota Vehera but at one time was a complete stupa.

Dematamal Viharaya

Dematamal Viharaya is a Buddhist temple in Okkampitiya village, Monaragala district, Sri Lanka. The Stupa of Dematamal Viharaya is considered as one of the oldest Stupas in Sri Lanka built in the 2nd Century BC. According to folklore, it is the place which provided safety to Prince Saddhatissa, who was attempting to flee after losing the fight with his elder brother, Prince Dutugamunu.

About Moneragala District

Moneragala is a district in Uva Province, Sri Lanka. Gal oya National Park,Yala National Park and Muthukandiya Reservoirs, Menik Ganga,Gal oya, Heda oya, Wila oya, Kumbukkan Oya are situated in Monaragala distict.

About Uva Province

The Uva Province is Sri Lanka's second least populated province, with 1,187,335 people, created in 1896. It consists of two districts called Badulla and Moneragala The provincial capital is Badulla. Uva is bordered by Eastern, Southern and Central provinces. Its major tourist attractions are Dunhinda Falls, Diyaluma Falls, Rawana Falls, the Yala National Park (lying partly in the Southern and Eastern Provinces) and Gal Oya National Park (lying partly in the Eastern Province). The Gal Oya hills and the Central Mountains are the main uplands, while the Mahaweli and Menik rivers and the huge Senanayake Samudraya and Maduru Oya Reservoirs are the major waterways in Uva province.

Buttala Buttala Buttala
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