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Navodya Coconut ScraperGrater (Model NC-01)

Navodya Coconut ScraperGrater (Model NC-01)

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Navodya Coconut ScraperGrater (Model NC-01)

(SKU: LSH000A3EB) This is the original NAVODYA brand model A-8 from Sri Lanka. And this is tabletop Tabletop Stainless Steel Vacuum Base Grater easy using . A coconut grater is a tool used to grate coconut for various uses as required in many recipes and specifically in the tropical recipes. This stool is used to grate coconut by placing the blade attached to it in front in the half cut coconut and then twisted to take out the fine shavings.


Brand Navodya
Contents Single Box
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LSH000A3EB 4796013800022

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