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Ahmad Tea Detox 20 Foil Tea Bags (40g)

Ahmad Tea Detox 20 Foil Tea Bags (40g)

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Ahmad Detox Tea

(SKU: LS90002536)

This pleasant and balanced herbal blend is an ideal way to cleanse with each sip. This delightful aromatic tea blend with its remedial and unique herbal flavours is especially perfect when you want to rejuvenate your spirit after a long, taxing day. These qualities combined, gives Ahmad Detox tea the unique benefit of being one of the best detox tea blends in Sri Lanka.

Our renowned Tea Masters have made the Ahmad Detox Tea with the utmost care and experience by incorporating a distinctive blend of 100% natural leaves, herbs, and roots. The ginger brings a nice spicy flavour to this infusion, while the dandelion found in this blend adds a subtle sweet taste.

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