Kokis (කොකිස්)

Kokis Kokis Kokis
Kokis is a deep-fried, crispy Sri Lankan food made from rice flour and coconut milk. Although considered as a traditional Sri Lankan dish, it is believed to have come from the Dutch. This is an important dish when celebrating Sinhala and Tamil New Year and plays a major role in the festivities.
Kokis Recipe
Ingredients :
Rice flour                        200g
Coconut Milk ( thick )     3/4 cup
Egg (optional)                1
Turmeric Powder           1/2 TSP
Sugar                             1 1/2 TBS
Salt                               1/2 TSP
Oil For deep frying 
Mix the egg and the sugar together.
Add salt, turmeric powder and stir.
Add the rice flour with coconut milk and give a good stir.(Hand Works Best)
The consistency of the mixture should be same as the Dosa batter.
Heat oil in heavy bottom work and hold the kokis mould in the oil for few seconds until the mould get hot.
Dip the heated mold into the batter and place the mould again into the oil.
When you dip in the batter make sure you don't submerge it completely. Later it will be little difficult to remove from the mould.
Once the kokis start to separate from the mould, deep fry until golden brown.
Do the same with the remaining batter.
You can enjoy this kokis as a tea time snack also.
Kokis Kokis Kokis
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