Ceylon True Cinnamon Grades

True Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are golden in color and is made up of multiple thin slivers of Cinnamon bark rolled into a cigar shaped Cinnamon stick. Each individual True Ceylon Cinnamon stick is handcrafted and hand rolled with immaculate skillful technique to perfection. Peeling Cinnamon is an art and each Cinnamon stick is carefully hand rolled to different Cinnamon grades. While Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are made the same way, they are graded according to color, diameter, density, blemishes, essential oil content and other factors.

  • ALBA is the most expensive grade of cinnamon with an exquisite taste of aroma.

  • This type of cinnamon has excellent shape, color, taste and very high demand.

  • This type of cinnamon is slim and golden yellow color with sweet taste.

  • This type of cinnamon is yellow in color and fetches a good price in the international market.

  • 5M grade consist of this sticks of cinnamon. Rough in appearance and brown in color.

  • 4M type cinnamon comprises of selected sections of fine cinnamon, yellow in color. And, appearance is yellow in color.

  • H1 grade comprises the finest and the most expensive portions of the rough cinnamon.

  • H2 grade consists of about 90% of golden yellow cinnamon sticks of good quality.

  • This grade of cinnamon has approximately 40% of the less hard portions of H2 grade.

    H2 FAQ 
  • This type of cinnamon is slightly larger quillings which are obtained in the process of cutting and baling cinnamon.

    No 1 Quillings