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Designed to ward off evil influences and evil spirits, the Gara mask is widely used, and is not as large as other masks, but is a very attractive mask. This mask is used in peraheras (religious procession) rituals to cure sickness, folk dramas, and processions by fisherman to increase their catch. Showing the gara mask is the final performance. It must be noted that the gara demon ritual to cure illness is a separate performance. The mask of the gara demon is described in verse as follows:-

On the head is gem studded ornament In the middle are three serpent hoods.The eyes are of a buffalo – the two lips Are red and two white teeth jut out Wearing three snakes on the head like a crown. Majestic in appearance. Like a pandol in appearance as well.The gara demon now comes quickly

Fearsome is this mask, it is green in colour, the lips are red in colour and the teeth are jutting out and down wards.

There are twelve gara demons.

Keela gara Sobon gara (cemetery)
Molon gara Andun gara
Sandun gara Patti gara
Okanda gara Dala gara (tusker gara)
Pushpa gara (flower gara) Desa gara
Vatayak gara (round gara) Thota gara etc.

 The mask of the gara yaka used in various parts of the country bear similarities and even in the hill country, mask used can be seen to have similarities.

Gara Raksha

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