Thelgamu Oya

Thelgamu Oya Thelgamu Oya Thelgamu Oya

Thelgamu Oya in Sri Lanka: a Stream with many Natural Swimming Pools

Thelgamuwa Oya is a stream that flows from the Knuckles Massif of central Sri Lanka, a series of hills so called due to their likening of the knuckes on a fist. It is a part of the beautiful streams and waterfalls that form a network in that area. The Knuckles Range was called the Dumbara Range originally, and the surrounding area is still called Dumbara. The stream runs through Dumbara, close to a forest cabin dormitory called the Dumbara Wana Nivahana located in Ilukambura, which provides accomodation for campers visiting the forest reserve that occupies the area.

The stream is one of the most amazing freshwater streams of Sri Lanka, with clean gushing water and many natural rock pools. Some of the still pools are deep, while others are shallow making them perfect as bathing or swimming holes. The shady hollows formed as the stream flows under trees, bubbling over rocks, makes Thelgamuwa Oya a very relaxing place to visit.

The deeper pools of Thelgamuwa Oya are dangerous to swim or dive, but have many fish. They are good places to sit in the shade on a folding chair, with a fishing rod in hand and bait nearby in a bucket. The quiet chirp of birds and soft murmur of water makes for some peaceful fishing.

Thelgamuwa Oya is a good place to visit when taking a relaxing break during your holiday to Sri Lanka; if it’s taxing and stressful, jampacked with places to visit and things to do. ng from all four quarters.

Thelgamu Oya Thelgamu Oya Thelgamu Oya

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