Payment Gateway Solutions

Payment Gateway Solutions Payment Gateway Solutions Payment Gateway Solutions

Merchant Account or Payment Gateway is online business system which makes a website to accept credit cards online and in this way the credit card holder do the business online

The use of credit cards has seen an increase in recent months because many businesses companies offering their products or services for sale on the internet which cannot be limited to ‘cash on delivery’ methods.

Payment Processing services provide a secure interface for customers to enter their credit card details online. Once entered, the numbers are checked for discrepancies to prevent fraudulent misuse. Bank databases are queried to approve the transaction. Upon approval, the merchant gets the money debited to his account. This multi-layered approach to security has also contributed to customer confidence in using credit cards online.

Web Design Sri Lanka can integrate with any type of payment gateway service provider with your website. Just sign up with the payment gateway and we will provide you with complete setup for your online shopping site.

Recommended Merchant Accounts- Payment Gateways Solutions:

Here we present companies providing retail/online payment processing services (also known as “merchant accounts”). You can enable real-time order processing in your online store or retail shop by acquiring a merchant account. Our shopping software is capable of processing orders using most of payment processing companies available over the Internet. Below is the most recommended Merchant account and see other providers listed on the table below.

NOTE: These are 3rd party companies. We are not responsible for services they offer. The values of rates and fees may differ. Add ecommerce credit card processing to your future ecommerce storefront right now!

What Is Needed To Get A Merchant Account

The processors have the difficult task of balancing the desire for growth with the desire to protect itself from risk. Accordingly, to insure a long and profitable business relationship, below are some of the things the we look for.

[NOTE: may differ a little from one merchant account provider to another]

Does the business actually exist? The processor must be certain that each approved application represents a legitimate, operating business.

The business environment. The retail merchant who accepts credit cards face-to-face presents less risk than a mail order/telephone order or Internet merchant.

Products and Services. Some type of products and services are more prone to customer dissatisfaction or buyer remorse.

Are owner and/or business financially solvent?

Business structure. The business structure affect who can sign the contract, whether a corporate resolution is necessary and whether business financials will be necessary.

Average charge and monthly volume. Can the business financially support the volume they expect to process.
Owner’s experience.

Special Requirements For Internet Merchants

  • We will check your web site to verify that it contains all VISA/MasterCard requirements for e-commerce:
  • Merchant’s dba Name
  • Customer service number
  • Return/Refund policy
  • Merchant privacy statement
  • Currency must be in accordance with the Payment Gateway
  • Description of products and services
  • Credit card information must be entered on a secure page.
  • How To Get Started

Payment Gateway Solutions Payment Gateway Solutions Payment Gateway Solutions

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