Multimedia Live Streaming

Multimedia Live Streaming Multimedia Live Streaming Multimedia Live Streaming

Lakpura Solutions was founded to serve the unique needs of high bandwidth customers. Our network was engineered specifically to provide reliable and affordable bandwidth to global web casters, high-end dedicated server.

As broadcasting migrates to Internet Protocol (IP) based distribution, Lakpura Solutions will continue to provide fanatical customer service, industry leading up time, and the best routing in the business from our data centers in Florida and Texas.

Whether you need streaming services for Adobe® Flash video or Windows® Media, you still need a place to store your website, databases and interactive applications.

Lakpura Solutions managed servers provide an outsourced hosting service that includes server hardware, bandwidth and 24x7x365 system administration for a low monthly fee. Configuring and maintaining own Internet servers is a challenging, resource-intensive undertaking that requires considerable expertise and investment.

Lakpura Solutions managed servers provide a cost-effective alternative for you to outsource your needs for server hardware, software, security, Internet connectivity and 24x7x365 system administration to our team of experts. Our experienced sales and support teams are available 24x7x365 by phone, email, or via live chat support.

Benefits of Lakpura Solutions Managed Servers

  • Lower Up-front Costs Than Colocation
  • Reduced Management Costs by Leveraging Lakpura Solutions Engineering Team
  • Freedom to Upgrade Your Server and Capacity at Any Time
  • Reliable Dell PowerEdge Servers Featuring Multiple NIC Cards and Hot-Swappable Drives
  • Flexible Bandwidth Options Including Choice of Burstable Bandwidth or Metered Service

With this service, you own and manage the software applications and content on your server while Lakpura Solutions provides and maintains the server hardware, operating system, rack space and bandwidth.

What is Streaming media?

Streaming media is multimedia that is continuously received by, and normally displayed to, the end-user while it is being delivered by the provider. The name refers to the delivery method of the medium rather than to the medium itself.

The distinction is usually applied to media that are distributed over telecommunications networks, as most other delivery systems are either inherently streaming (e.g. radio, television) or inherently non-streaming (e.g. books, video cassettes, audio CDs). The verb ‘to stream’ is also derived from this term, meaning to deliver media in this manner.

E.g.: Internet Radio

Internet radio (aka e-Radio) is an audio broadcasting service transmitted via the Internet. Broadcasting on the Internet is usually referred to as webcasting since it is not transmitted broadly through wireless means but is delivered over the World Wide Web. The term “e-Radio” suggests a streaming medium that presents listeners with a continuous stream of audio to which they have no control much like traditional broadcast media.

It is not synonymous with podcasting which involves downloading. Nor does e-Radio suggest “on-demand” file serving. Many Internet “radio stations” are associated with a corresponding traditional “terrestrial” radio station or radio network. Internet-only radio stations are usually independent of such associations.

Multimedia Live Streaming Multimedia Live Streaming Multimedia Live Streaming

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