Mandaramnuwara Mandaramnuwara Mandaramnuwara

Mandaramnuwara is a village, which is 54 km away from Walapane road and 13 km away from Padiyapelella, is still unnoticed by many. Mandaram Nuwara is located at the base of the Pidurutalagala Mountain, bordering the Pidurutalagala Forest Reserve. The village is surrounded by Pidurutalagala from the West and the Balagolla mountain ranges from the East. Because its geographical position is at a high altitude, Mandaram Nuwara sees a lot of rain throughout the year.

Literally a day, the village is shrouded in darkness, and there are 14 beautiful waterfalls in the area. You can visit 6 main waterfalls in two days. Among them Kolapathana Falls and Kabaragala Falls have a special place. A vehicle is essential to reach them and the temple view point, no 10 view point are the main viewing points of the village.

Occasional drizzle in a constantly foggy environment is a common experience in Mandaram. Isolated under the misty sky, often hidden from view by the sun, this tranquil valley brings a wonderful sense of serenity to the tired eyes of urbanization.

Mandaramnuwara Mandaramnuwara Mandaramnuwara

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