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Web Design Sri Lanka of Lakpura Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, in its numerous projects of logo designing, focus on to generate instant public recognition with each and every end product. Your logo, most probably, will have only a fleeting moment to capture the eye of your potential audience: no one would stand still to decipher your logo. Pass the message swiftly.

What is a logo?

A logo (ideogram) is a graphic emblem used mainly by the business entities and organizations with a view to generate instant public recognition. A logo embodying a business entity represents its brands or corporate identities.

Logos are used even by the individuals in their attempts to promote public recognition of their public identities.

Milton Glaser describes a logo

A logo is either a series of words or an image that attempts to represent an institution or an individual in a way that is symbolic in some cases or parallels the person’s identity. If it’s for an individual, the logo is very often for their name itself. On the other hand, some logos are abstract, and others use literature or words to achieve their effect. In any case, what logos attempt to do is synthesize an individual or institution into an understandable visual form.

What are the basic types of logos?

Logos, with the concept of instant public recognition are designed either with purely graphics; or purely the title or name (wordmark) of the brand or organization; or by a consummate combination of both graphics and wordmark.

These are merely basic logo types: a generalization. In fact the possibilities in logo designing are infinite.

Will a strictly graphic logo brand my company?

Yes, strictly a graphic logo is able brand your company provided the underlying concept is encapsulated. This is where our designers at Web Design Sri Lanka of Lakpura Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, rise to the occasion. All you have to do is talk to us, tell us of your ideas, intimate us with your concepts of your company, pour your heart out on your products. Then on we will take off to conceptualize and design your logo.

One of the most famous strictly graphic logos that generate unmistakable instant recognition is the logo of Apple Inc. A pure image of a fruit already subjected to a mouthful of the first bite: Apple. The logo of the image sans wordmark since in its first day of light has been in glory promoting Steve Jobs’s Apple Computers. The very first logo of Apple Computer Co. was an illustration of illustrious Isaac Newton sitting under an Apple tree designed by Jobs and Wayne in 1976. The drawing also featured a wrap around banner with wordwork ‘Apple Computer Co.’ The first Apple logo was discarded and a new logo of multicolored apple was introduced by one Rob Janoff, professional designer. The apple tree, the landscape and the wrap around ribbon of wordmark were all killed. Even the illustrious Isaac Newton was unceremoniously dismissed. All that remained was the fruit of Apple. Even from that a good bite was taken off. But then that was not a fickle ripple: it was the birth rainbow apple. Apple computers went on to follow up the groundbreaking Mackintosh with its innovations: Pods, QuickTime, etc.

Many a speculations arose with the introduction of eccentric yet eye-catching logo of the colorful bitten Apple. One was prompt to declare the new Apple logo commemorated the discoveries of gravity (the apple) and the separation of light (the colors) done by Isaac Newton. The die hard Christians proclaimed the logo was a tribute to the ‘fruit of the Tree of Knowledge’ in Adam and Eve’s story. Another noted that the ‘rainbow colored’ Apple logo symbolized the color capability of the Apple II computer. Author Sadie Plant [Zeroes and Ones] and some others reminded the new logo is a homage to Alan Turning, the father of modern computing, who refused to be anything less than innovative even in suicide: he had a killer bite off a cyanide-laced apple.

Will a strictly wordmark logo brand my company?

Yes, strictly a wordmark logo is quite capable of branding your company. Among the most famous strictly wordmark logos, Coca Cola takes back seat to no one. The logo was merely a reproduction of the book keeper Frank Mason Robinson’s handwritten title of the ledger of Coca Cola in 1885. The founders of the Coca Cola company, i.e. John Pemberton’s partner and self-same bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson thought handwritten title would do. And it did, and did well beyond all expectations.

Is it possible to have an image as well as text in the logo?

Of course it can be done. You can have iconic logo supported with the textual treatment of your company name. Indeed the first ever logo that was trademarked had an image [a plain red triangle] and the name Bass in it. That was way back in 1876 almost a century after its company was founded. The Bass Brewery was founded by William Bass in Burton upon Trent, England in 1777Bass was manufactured by Britvic, a British producer of soft drinks. Such was the popularity of Bass, the images of Bass Beer Bottles alongside the champagne were painted in a masterpiece titled ‘Bar at the Folies-Bergère’ by non other than Edouard Manet’s in 1882.

In 1972 Bass beer was also made use of to produce a carbonated soft drink called Shandy Bass. It is a shandy that contains 0.5% ABV (Alcohol by volume) of Bass beer.

What are the everlasting merits of a logo?

A well designed logo showcase a range of merits: memorability; simplicity; versatility; simplicity; suitability; timelessness.

Simplicity of a logo

The finest form of simplicity is achieved only by the greatest of humanists. Likewise, the simpler logo designs are created only by means of superior artistic and conceptual imaginations. A complex logo, of course has its own complications. The owner of the logo would find it is troublesome to reproduce. Worse still, the potential clients would find it difficult to remember.

Memorablity of a logo

Following closely behind the principle of simplicity, is that of memorability. In terms of memorability, a logo in the caliber of Apple is bound to recalibrate the high watermark in logo designing. Simplicity, as in the logo of Coca Cola cuts the path the easy recognition at all times, in all mediums. Of the thousands of logos which you may have seen, how many logos are etched in your mind? What is the reason behind the fact that some logos are memorable and many aren’t? Chasing the quality of memorability in a logo as nearly as hard as reaching a mirage.

Memorability of logos have been achieved since the HMV (His Master’s Voice). The logo was a reproduction of a painting by English artist Francis Barraud: following the death of Francis’s brother Mark, his pet Nipper, a fox terrier had developed the habit of listening to the recorded voice of his master. The painting was acquired from artist in 1899 by the newly-formed Gramophone Company, which converted the image into the company logo.

The logo of “His Master’s Voice” was used all over the world. Moreover, the motto became well-known in European languages: “Husbondens Husbondens Röst” (Swedish), “Glos Swego Pana” (Polish) and “Sahibinin Sesi” (Turkish), “La Voix de son Maître” (French), “La Voz de su Amo” (Spanish), “A Voz do seu Dono” (Portuguese), “La Voce del Padrone” (Italian), “Die Stimme seines Herrn” (German).

Timelessness of a logo

Though immortality is beyond the sphere of humanity, a quality of relative timelessness is ours to achieve. The logo designed today must stand the test of time and even in another half a century into the future should continue to appeal to your audience as it was in the beginning.

Suitability of a logo

A logo, indeed, needs to be suitable for the trade it is meant to represent.

Versatility of a Logo

Versatility of his own, when it exists, a rare merit. Versatility is a merit that one would always be proud throughout his life. Versatility of image file formats in which the graphics such as logos are created, refer to its ability to appear in the whole gamut of graphic mediums and applications in a varying range. Image file formats are standardized means of organizing and storing digital images. Image files are composed of either pixels, vector (geometric) data, or a combination of both.

Logos in vector format

To achieve versatility, we do adopt vector format, though the creation of graphics in this format consumes longer hours than the pixel format. Vector format is the default format of professional design software. It is also the preferred format for most of the print applications. A vector based image created with outlines of the design produces the raw source file of the logo. These outlines are then filled with colors required by means of the Pantone Matching System. Vector based logos can be easily identified with their file extensions such as .EPS and .AI.

The main advantages of logos designed in vector format are as follows.

(a) The vector files being resolution independent, the vector format allows the logo to scale its size to fit into the available space: to a key chain as well as to a billboard. (b) The vector based logos can be printed as black & white grayscale or linear, spot color or four color process. It’s high time to visit Web Design Sri Lanka of Lakpura Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., Moratuwa to have your new logo designed in Vector format or to have your existing bitmap logo converted into a vector based logo. Call Lakpura Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., Moratuwa today.

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