Kurundammalei Kurundammalei Kurundammalei

Located 24 kms from Coimbatore on a small hillock near the town of Karamadai, Kurunthamalai is one of the most beautiful temples in this region. Eclipsed by hills on all sides, the temple is situated in a small valley that is famous for it’s curry leaf farms. The presiding deity being Lord Murugan in the form of Kulandaivelayuthaswamy, a child. It is one of the only temples facing west similar to Pazhani.

The origins of the temple date back to the 16th century, when a merchant passing through the region carrying spices from kerala encountered upon a boy who asked him what he was carrying in his sack. The merchant lied to the boy by saying it was only husk. The boy left and the merchant retired for the night. The next morning while loading the sacks he felt they were lighter than yesterday. On opening them he found that they had been turned to husk. The merchant then understood that the boy was none other than Lord Murugan himself. He then prayed to the lord for forgiveness and dedicated himself to the service of building a temple in the same place.

The temple sits atop a small hillock with 108 steps and two levels. The first level has temples dedicated to other gods and goddesses while the top level has the main shrine with a large forecourt.

Kurundammalei Kurundammalei Kurundammalei

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