kshudra Karma

kshudra Karma is treatment for kshudra kushta such as skin eruptionson both palm. with burning sensation, sever itching, pain , thick pus discharge, discoloration of skin , cracks,Dryness on affected area, redness of skin of both upper limb and face like that. 

Ayurvedic treatises have advocated the use of various procedures to treat the Kshudra rogas. Agnikarma has been mentioned as the appropriate treatment of Kadara.

Agnikarma as a para-surgical procedure and mentioned it, superior amongst all para-surgical procedures. It has been attributed the property of curing the diseases which cannot be cured by Shastra, Kshara and Bheshja. The treatment of Kadara by Agnikarma is aimed at removal of the hyperkeratosis of tissue.

Agnikarma is a para surgical procedure done in the vatajkaphaj vyadhi as it has action of Ushna, Tikshna, Sukshma, Vyavayi, Vikasi and Pachana. Also it has a property to destroy the pathology in deeper structure so helps to pacify the vitiated vata as well as kapha dosha. Thus it relieves from pain and cures the disease. Aloe vera and termeric helps to relieve pain and avoid secondary infection.

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