Kiri Ithirima (කිරි ඉතිරීම)

Kiri Ithirima Kiri Ithirima Kiri Ithirima

Kiri Ithirima (කිරි ඉතිරීම) is an important part of Sinhala culture. It is an ancient Hela culture to Kiri Ithirima at the dawn of the New Year in one auspicious event. It is imperative that this Kiri Ithirima be done in an auspicious moment Is. At the dawn of the Sinhala Hindu New Year, the Kiri Ithirima takes place at the dawn of the new year.

Process Of Kiri Ithirima(කිරි ඉතිරීම)

Three fresh bricks should also be selected when tying the pots to Kiri Ithirima. Black stones, block stones, gas cookers etc. should never be used for this purpose. The stove, made of three fresh bricks, should be placed on an iron plate in the middle of the living room. The ancient book mentions several species of firewood selected for burning. These include fragrant cinnamon, white sandalwood, red sandalwood, cedar, agave, frankincense, and citrus. But in today's society it is not bad to use firewood available in the market which is difficult to find such species of firewood. But once the stove is fire, care must be taken not to let goes down the fire in the stove. It is very unfortunate that when the milk jug is placed in the stove, the pot goes out. However, once the milk pot is placed in the stove, it is not advisable to blow the stove by mouth to increase the wood burning. This requires the use of another device.

At the dawn of the New Year, two slices of Curcuma longa(අමුකහ) are placed in a clay pot filled with milk and placed on the stove. It is also the culture of the Hela Bodu to worship the pot of milk placed on the pots. The person who places the milk jug on the stove shouldn't be wearing colorful clothes and should be performed wearing a white robe.

In modern times, two types of milk are used to Kiri Ithirima. Cow's milk is the most suitable type of milk and coconut milk is also used by someones.filter the cow's milk 7 times in a fresh pot and can do the Kiri Ithirima. If it is difficult to find fresh cow's milk, can be used the Fresh milk that is available in the market.

It would be greate if the four sides overflowed with the milk leftover from the pot. That year will surely be full of happiness and prosperity. It is also good if the milk overflows on three or more sides of the pot. But if the milk did not overflow or if the milk overflowed only on one side, it is very bad.If happen like that it is of the opinion that those troubles are full of sorrow.

Kiri Ithirima Kiri Ithirima Kiri Ithirima

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