Ellawala Falls

Ellawala Falls Ellawala Falls Ellawala Falls

Ella Wala Falls is a small but beautiful waterfall lying hidden inside the jungle on the Ella – Wellawaya Road. Not the closest waterfall to Ella, but still people go there to enjoy a bath as it got a natural pool like area to have some fun. Nothing like an enchanting waterfall to provide you with a magnificent playground that you can truly enjoy, right?

If you are planning on staying 2-3 days in Ella and got a vehicle, plan a visit to this place, you will enjoy some quality and peaceful time as it's not crowded at all like (You can go on a bus and take a tuk tuk)

We highly recommend the place, if you love water and wanna have some splash time. But be safe on a rainy day as not easy to get some quick help!

How to get here

Coming from Ella, travel about 20 km on the Wellawaya Road to reach the Rathmal Vehera Ancient Temple. Take the road opposite to the temple which will lead to the waterfall.

Last few kilo meters are said be rough and not suitable for a vehicle with low ground clearance. You may need a 4×4 will need to travel by a 3 wheeler. To reach the fall, you will need to walk few hundred meters in to the jungle.

Things to know before you go

It is safe to have a bath in the natural pool, but be extra cautious specially on rainy days as the water level could go up dramatically Keep in mind since the waterfall in located inside the jungle, area is no very populated at all. Thus finding help in an emergency situation will not be easy

Kind request for all the trekkers

Ella is popular among many people for its echo-liveliness and the calm-countryside atmosphere. So help us protect the area by being responsible on your visit. Please make sure you don’t throw all those plastic bottles, food wrappers here and there. Bring trash bags and pack out everything you bring in so it can be disposed in an appropriate place. And don’t just stop with your own trash. We all can be happy when we visit the place next time, if we can see the place looking better than when we got there.

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