Cheilocostus speciosus; Crepe-ginger; තෙඹු

Costus Speciosus(Crepe-ginger) is a herbaceous plant that cures a variety of ailments. Crepe-ginger leaves can be identified as one of the most popular herbs, especially for diabetics. But in addition to diabetes, eating Crepe-ginger leaves is good for many other diseases. The bitter decoction of Crepe-ginger leaves, which has been used in medicine in Ayurveda since ancient times, is said to have antiseptic, astringent and laxative properties. The nutrients in coconut are protein, magnesium, lipid, potassium, sodium, iron, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium and many other nutrients.

Medicinal use of Crepe-ginger leaves:

    • Controls diabetes.

Crepe-ginger is a popular herb for diabetics as it controls blood sugar levels due to the fiber in the leaves. That is to say, it is very beneficial for diabetics to eat a mixture of fenugreek leaves or sambol.

    • Relieves constipation.

The leaves are good not only for diabetes but also for constipation. That is, the fiber contained in the leaves of the Crepe-ginger leaves relieves constipation.

    • Suitable for patients with gastritis.

Stomach acidity can be relieved by consuming Crepe-ginger leaves. Therefore, it is also beneficial for gastritis patients to eat Crepe-ginger leaves.

    • Relieves body inflammation.

Drinking the juice of the roots can cool the body and cool the body.

    • Removes toxins from the body.

The antioxidants found in the leaves and roots of the thyme help to remove toxins from the body. That is, the fibers in it are very helpful for this.

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