Ficus racemosa; Attikka

Ficus racemosa; Attikka Ficus racemosa; Attikka Ficus racemosa; Attikka

Ficus Glomerata; Attikka tree belong to the family of Vanaspati or Moraceae. It is a large spreading tree without aerial roots. The leaves are oblong and dark green. Figs grow in clusters on short leafless branches, This tree grow wild in Sri Lanka, especially close to area where water flows. This nice and shady tree, though known as wild tree has many curative properties which are not known to many.

properties of Ficus Glomerata; Attikka

For throat irritations, inflammation of the mouth , dental abscesses, gargal or wash the mouth with a hot decoction by boiling 5 or 6 figs in to cups of water or milk for a few minuts. For constipation, wash five or six figs, put them in aboel and cover with lukewarm water, leave to soak overnight and eat the figs first thing in the morning; also drink the water. The fig seeds or pips , are the part of the fruit that have a stimulant and laxative action on the bowel.

For pulmonary complaints ,coughs, chronic bronchitis , whooping coughs and Catarrh drink the same decoction in the course of the day. An infusion of thefresh Attikka leaves can be used as a cough remedy and act on the circulation of blood. They ease difficult menstruation.

For the haemorrhoids, rost some Attikka fruit, crush to powder and mix with honey to make an ointment which should be applied lightly to the affected Glands This powder used like coffee, is also prescribed for pulmonary complain.

There is another decoction prepared with the Attika bark for bleeding piles. Take four kalandas each of bark, young king Coconut flowers, Madan bark(Syzygium cumin) and boil in 8 cups of cold water and simmer it down to one cup. Dosage:1/3 cup of the infusion in two dose, twice a day.

Fig makes a good hair wash. Lice drop off and they cleanse the sclp and keep away dandruff.

Attikka fruits are boiled and eaten for cooling the system. The attikka is a very Effective herb for disorders in blood circulation. Attikka act as an effective herb binding stools. There are many decoctions which include Attikka as aherb for dysentery and diarrhoea.

Attikka or figs are astringent and carminative. The dried fig is given in dose of 21/2 kalandas with honey in diarrhea during pregnancy.

Ficus racemosa; Attikka Ficus racemosa; Attikka Ficus racemosa; Attikka

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