Rural Tours

Promoting responsible tourism, Lakpura Travels’ Rural tour concept is an ideal holiday getaway for those seeking a calm and eco friendly experience. The rural village tours that we have introduced offers you a chance to spend time with the village folk and understand their lifestyle as a whole.

Imagine spending a day or two in a rural rustic setting where you can experience the homely atmosphere of the Sri Lankan villages? You can even dress up like one if you are up for a challenge. You get to learn about their traditions, various beliefs and culture while you also get to participate in some of their day to day activities which can include bullock cart rides, walks through glorious fields of paddy and several cultivations and if you are lucky maybe take part in a harvesting time ritual. You can even learn how to cook a traditional Sri Lankan meal in a mud hut and enjoy it too.

A number of traditional cottage industries such as weaving, hand loom, batik, wooden handicrafts etc can also be seen in some of these villages that we have planned to visit. The lowlands in and surrounding the cultural triangle are some of the best locations that we visit.

We have a few planned rural tours but if you are willing to go off the beaten track, we would be delighted to show you around with your very own personalized rural tour.