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Wijaya Kurakkan Flour (400g)

Wijaya Kurakkan Flour (400g)

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(SKU: LS50008FDD) The whole cereal grains are thoroughly screened, washed and dried prior to milling in order to remove organic and inorganic impurities commonly available in the food grains. The grains are milled hygienically and flour is packed in special laminated pouches to preserve their freshness and to extend the shelf life.

Ingredients: 100% groung seeds of Eelusine Coracana (Kurakkan)

Medical Values: Finger millet has a very low glycemic index thus making its digestion process slow and helping in keeping the blood sugar levels at a constant ratio. Finger millet’s are rich in dietary fiber and an excellent remedy for constipation. It is rich in thiamin, iron and calcium. Thus good for preventing anemia. and finger millet reduces the threat of stroke.

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