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Sethsuwa Sheersha Herbal Hair Oil (100ml)

Sethsuwa Sheersha Herbal Hair Oil (100ml)

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(SKU: LS41959000) Prepared according to the traditional prescription and gives total solution for all hair & scalp diseases. It cures headache, burning sensation of the eyes, and mucus excretion of eyes. This oil gives cooling effect for head and reduces mental fatigue, enhance soundsleep.

This medicated hair oil had rejuvenation property and prevent from dandruff, scalp eruptions, premature grey hair and hair falling, Valuable time tested therapeutic effect can obtain by daily usage.

  • Time tested effective preparation manufactured according to the indigenous medical prescription.
  • Another successful product of nationally and internationally popular medicine ""Sethsuwa Pranajeewa"" brand.
  • 100% pure herbal product.
  • No artificial coloring, flavours, preservatives are added.
  • No petroleum products added to liquefy or dry easily.
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