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Raga Sparkling Kitul Raa of Ceylon (330ml)

Raga Sparkling Kitul Raa of Ceylon (330ml)

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(SKU: LS5000874E) A Bold Expression of Tropical Flavour: Raga Sparkling Kithul Raa of Ceylon brings to the world for the first time, the traditional and natural taste and goodness of a beverage gifted from the kithul palms of Sri Lanka’s rainforests.

Kithul raa has a long history as a royal beverage of ancient kings, formulated from a fermented phloem sap collected from majestic kithul palms. Even in the present day, only a few communities living in the forest areas have a chance to taste it.

Beyond the regular characteristics of raa, Raga from Agrideshiya brings a sparkle of sophistication, to give you an exquisitely crafted and carbonated drink in a can, while ensuring its traditional goodness and natural taste.

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