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Palmyra Tissue Boxes

Palmyra Tissue Boxes

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Palmyra Tissue Boxes

(SKU: LS21439000) This thal leaf tissue box is made out of Palmyra Palm also known as thal leaf. This is one of the best eco-friendly methods to store your facial tissue. The tissue dispenser can be reused to fill up new tissue once the tissue is over. our tissue box has a unique design and comes with a variety of colors. it also can be used in various locations, in your car, tour office at home, or even at a beauty shop for added classiness. The techniques and technologies that were used to create this product have ensured this product to be 100% hygienic, safe, non-toxic. All Products are locally manufactured 100% recycled handmade. The production of this paper directly contributes to the villager’s income.


Brand Eco Ceylon Seller
Contents Single Tissue Box
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LS21439160 Unknown 100g

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