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Mabroc 1001 Nights Ali Baba (50g) 25 Tea Bags

Mabroc 1001 Nights Ali Baba (50g) 25 Tea Bags

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(SKU: LS9000B7DC) Flaunted rightfully so as as one of Mabroc's signature products, 1001 Nights encapsulate a mastery blend of specialty Black & Green Teas. Twisting a sweet Mediterranean charm in to this unique Tea, a sip of it can literally transform you to a magical era. Likened to that moment in history when Ali Baba unravels the mystical treasure in the most unlikely places, the 1001 Nights presents the marriage of two unusual flavors that gently seduce your palette with a sensual caress. The other phenomenon of this magical Tea is its melodious union of fruit ingredients interspersed with flower petals, handpicked form world renowned manufacturers. This cuppa pledges to arouse the romantic streak within every Tea loving soul.

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