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Link Natural Kesha Nourishing Herbal Hair Oil (100ml)

Link Natural Kesha Nourishing Herbal Hair Oil (100ml)

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(SKU: LS433B6000) Kesha contains extracts of 8, time tested and proven herbal ingredients used in Ayurveda along with natural Vitamin E for total head & hair care. It is specially formulated using modern technology to deliver a holistic hair treatment.

With daily use and massaging,

  • Nourishes hair, provides a relaxing sensation
  • Promotes a healthy lustrous head of hair
  • Prevents dandruff and split ends of hair
  • Prevents premature greying and hair loss
  • Regular use enhances eye sight

Herbal Ingredients

Nilavariya (Indigofera tinctoria L.), Keekirindiya (Eclipta alba (L.) Hassak.), Mukunuwenna (Alternanthera sessilis (L.) DC.), Madatiya (Adenanthera pavonina L.), Nelli (Phyllanthus emblica L.), Gotukola (Centella asiatica (L.) Urban), Savendara (Vetiveria zizanioides L.), Suwandakottan (Saussurea lappa Clarke.), Natural Vitamin E

Directions for use

Apply directly on scalp and hair and massage gently

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