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Lakpura Weniwelgeta Barks (30g)

Lakpura Weniwelgeta Barks (30g)

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(SKU: LS10302852) Coscinium Fenestratum, or yellow vine as it is sometimes referred to in English, is a flowering woody climber, native to South Asia and Mainland Southeast Asia. It is rare and critically endangered in many of its habitats.

Coscinium Fenestratum is a member of the family Menispermaceae and the genus Coscinium. Coscinium Fenestratum has a long history as a medicinal plant in the various traditional medicines of the region where it grows. This includes Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha medicine in India, Sinhala medicine in Sri Lanka, the Kru Khmer healing traditions in Cambodia, traditional Vietnamese medicine of Thuoc Nam,  The plant is used for a large variety of diseases and conditions, from fevers and diabetes to celiac disease and snake bites. It is unclear if all these medicinal uses of C. Fenestratum are backed up by science, but laboratory tests have shown that the plant has potent bioactive properties

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