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Lakpura Muthu Kuda (Design F)

Lakpura Muthu Kuda (Design F)

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Lakpura Muthu Kuda (Design F)

(SKU: LSB020D123) The modern-day umbrella is used as protection against rain. However, its original purpose was to shade a person from the sun. There is an abundance of references to the usage of umbrellas in art and literature, universally. However, when it comes to Muthu Kuda in Sri Lanka, it is a device used to shield Buddhist Monks from the effects of nature.There are simple Muthu Kuda designs and ones embellished with triple pagodas. Also available are Muthu Kuda printed with various Buddhist icons. They consist of “Bodhi Tree” leaf, dharma wheel representing knowledge, and lotus flower representing purity and enlightenment. The conch shell represents the spreading the teachings of the Buddha far and wide. Also, one will find models ornately decorated with sequins.


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