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Lakpura Garam Masala Powder (50g)

Lakpura Garam Masala Powder (50g)

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(SKU: LS12129030) Adding that fiery sensation to your palate, our premium quality Ceylon chillie powder plays an important role in Sri Lankan cuisine. Offering the rich red colour to your curry dishes, chillie powder is mainly used in fish and meat varieties while sambals and pickles are given that much needed “oomph”. Used in spoonful measures, Sri Lankan curries are indeed famed for its hot and spicy taste thanks to this main ingredient - Chillie Powder.

Chillie is also used in desserts nowadays while devilled dishes which are a household favourite in Sri Lanka during special occasions are well bestowed with the spice. Perfectly dried and grounded to retain its freshness, the Ceylon Chillie Powder is indeed a best-seller.

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