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Lakpura Fenugreek Seeds Whole (1kg)

Lakpura Fenugreek Seeds Whole (1kg)

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(SKU: LS11426090) Our premium quality Ceylon fenugreek seeds are used as a spice, supplement as well as a flavouring agent. Cooking with Fenugreek seeds are mainly accustomed to Sri Lankan and Indian kitchens while many other countries are also trying to adapt due to the many health benefits the spice has to offer. Mainly used in preparing dhal curry, potato curry, vegetable dishes and even pickles, fenugreek seeds can be used as whole or in powder form depending on what you are cooking. The flavour of our Ceylon fenugreek gives you a bitter sweet mix with a hint of maple. You have to however use this spice with caution and not add too much so that the dish is well balanced and does not end up being bitter. Dry roasting fenugreek brings out a sweet aromatic flavour as well. Many of the health benefits of fenugreek include digestive problems, diabetes, obesity, ulcers, menopause etc.

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