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Lakpura Coriander Powder (1kg)

Lakpura Coriander Powder (1kg)

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(SKU: LS12106000) Coriander is a plant where all parts are edible. However, its fresh leaves and dried seeds are the main parts that are used for medicinal purposes and in cooking. The seeds which are actually the fruits of the tree offers a mild spicy flavour while it boasts of a slight citrus and nutty flavour blend as well.

We offer you a ready-made Ceylon Coriander Powder that can be used in savoury and sweet dishes while its health benefits are undeniably some of the best. The “Koththamalli” drink which is consumed in Sri Lanka as a immunity booster consists of Coriander while its uses in the kitchen are innumerable. It is also used as a dry rub in barbecues. The powder is made of dried coriander seeds which are dry roasted and grounded so that its aromatic flavours are all well retained.

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