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Lakpura Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (30ml)

Lakpura Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (30ml)

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(SKU: LS14127250) quality authentic 100% Ceylon Cinnamon Bark essential Oil. steam distilled with a minimum of 80% Cinnamaldehyde. The higher the level of this special compound in cinnamon, the more potent is its aroma and health properties.We go to extraordinary lengths to get this quality. With extensive tests to ensure the finest cinnamon oil money can buy. The test report for each batch is listed under the product features section. Nobody else does that.

Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil is perfect for aroma therapy and food flavoring. Just 1-3 drops added to a hot beverage like black tea or coffee delivers all the power of Ceylon Cinnamon with a scent and flavor that is truly mesmerizing.

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