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Impra Ruhunu Big Leaf (200g) Meatal Caddy

Impra Ruhunu Big Leaf (200g) Meatal Caddy

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(SKU: LS900091CB) The Ruhuna region is located in the south of Sri Lanka from sea level up-to about 2000 feet. The region has a warm climate and boasts of fertile soil, producing a tea that has strong strength and robust character. The rich, fertile soil gives the leaves blackness and gives the brew a strong and distinctive flavor. Impra’s Ruhuna black tea has an attractive appearance and exceptional taste, the black leaves produce a thick, sweet brew which can be enjoyed with great delight with or without milk, bringing a luscious flavor to a cup of tea that is perfect for any time of day. Infused with the citrus flavor, gives a bright, tart and refreshing tea that is unlike any other black teas.

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