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Hand Made Soap - Turmeric

Hand Made Soap - Turmeric

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Hand Made Soap - Turmeric

(SKU: LS412AX000) Used as a cosmetic agent in ancient Sri Lanka, turmeric was known to heal the skin as well as provide a lustrous golden glow. Good for pimples and irritant skin. Breathe in the sheer floral scent that is fresh, warm and inviting and sleep tight. The morning will bring a radiant glow to your skin. This container is crafted from the outer bark of the tropical banana plant using traditional and contemporary skills, designs and raw materials to make this a truly unique and original product.


Cocos nucifera , Curcuma domestica , Gardenia jasminoides , Kokoona ceylanica


Brand Siddhalepa
Contents Single Box
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LS412AY170 Unknown 60g

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