Dwi Naga Raksha Mask (Standard)
Dwi Naga Raksha Mask (Standard)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Dwi Naga Raksha Mask (Standard)

Dwi Naga Raksha Mask (Standard)

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Dwi Naga Raksha Mask (Standard)

(SKU: LS24114000) The Twin Cobra Devil, brings protection from all dangers. The snake or naga as it is called, symbolizes protection. It is said amongst Sri Lankan people that having these in homes brings good luck and protection. They date back to pre-Buddhist times when Sri Lanka was an agricultural based society. This is a typical example of a Sinhalese ritual mask.

Special Notes

  • The actual product may slightly vary from the images shown on the website due to the fact that each peace is hand-made and hand-painted.
  • Certain countries require that all wood based items are fumigated before arriving in the respective country. Please check import regulations in your country. If fumigation is required, buyer needs to pay the costs assoicated with fumigation.
  • Read more about (a) Masks in general (b) Raksha Masks (c) Sanni Masks (d) Kolam Masks
  • Shipping cost is calculated based on Volumetric Weight. Please refer to Shipping Policy for more details.
  • Masks are made from acrylic paint on goda kaduru (strychnine tree) wood.


Brand Lakpura™
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LS24114O00 4796027722099 780g

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