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Deep Sea Fishing Boat Tour from Hikkaduwa

Deep Sea Fishing Boat Tour from Hikkaduwa

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Deep Sea Fishing Boat Tour from Hikkaduwa

(SKU: LK59110100) This tour gives you the chance to try deep sea fishing in southern waters of Sri Lanka , off the Hikkaduwa coast rich with sea life. Cast your rods into deep blue waters and try to bait some of the biggest catch you have ever seen. Get that burst of adrenaline as you challenge the strongest of the seas. Show off your best catch with a great photo. Get the best fishing experience this holiday!


  • Option of trolling or night fishing.
  • Boat Chartered and Sport Fishing Equipment Provided.
  • Professional Fishing boat available for charter for an additional fee.


  • Hotel pickup and drop.
  • Food or drinks.
  • Gratuities (Optional).

What to Expect

You will be starting your deep sea fishing adventure from the harbors of Hikkaduwa at 6:00 am or 2:30 pm, depending on whether you choose the morning or evening sessions. A night fishing session can also be arranged at a customized time and rate if required. You will also be provided with good sport fishing equipment and bait. Your boat will be a normal fishing boat which measures 15 foot at length. It's just a basic boat. If you wish for a more advanced boat with all the modern equipment, a professional fishing boat can be chartered for a separate charge.

There are two types of fishing methods used in Hikkaduwa. Fishing by trolling is moving boats drag one or more fishing lines or nets behind them to provide a more realistic and lifelike target as bait. Trolling is highly successful, especially in the morning hours. The other method is night fishing. Many fish species are strictly nocturnal, going into hiding in the light of the morning to escape predators. Night fishing uses the quiet darkness to lure unsuspecting prey. Night fishing is only done after 6 pm, but produces very high yields.

Your tour will be completed at 9:00a.m of morning session and 6:00 pm of evening one.

Additional Note

  • Details of boat.
  • Engine – 100 HP Length – 42 feet.
  • Width – 8 feet.
  • The boat has a small cabin and onboard toilet.
  • It carries 6 trolling rod holders with outriggers.
  • Personal effects for windy, rainy, and warm weather conditions should be considered
  • Insect repellents, sun-protection creams etc. are recommended.
  • Suitable casual clothing/footwear for outdoor activities.
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