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Coconut Spread

Coconut Spread

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The coconut spread is a 100% organic creamy and smooth natural spread, which is rich in natural coconut aroma and flavor. Made with organic virgin coconut oil, this spread is highly concentrated in natural vegetable oils. This all natural goodness coconut spread is ethically sourced, and is gluten and dairy free. Moreover, this product does not contain any preservatives, is non-genetically modified and is suitable for vegans.The spread tastes delicious off the spoon and is great intoast, biscuits, cakesand for baking.

Health Benefits of Coconut Spread
Rich in amino acids, specifically glutamic acid, which plays a vital role in the normal function of prostate gland (male reproductive system); used by the body to build protein. 
Good source of carbohydrates, sugar, B-vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, sodium, iron for healthy body.
Rich in inositol which functions in nerve transmission, regulation of enzyme activity, transportation of fats in the body and essential for hair growth and prevent some causes of thinning hair and baldness.
Contain substantial amount of calories for energy.
Has a low Glycemic Index of 39 which makes it good for persons with diabetes, when used in moderation.
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