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Ayur Shampoo - Hydrating

Ayur Shampoo - Hydrating

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Ayur Shampoo - Hydrating

(SKU: LS41256000) Ayurveda Shampoos are specially formulated using traditionally renowned ingredients.


Helps you to keep your hair's natural strength and luster while enhancing, nourishing and rejuvenating new hair roots to regenerate new healthy hair.


Apply to wet hair with gentle massaging action and keep for ten minutes for the Ayurveda ingredients to be absorb into the scalp.

Work deeply into the scalp to relax and nourish the nervous system.

Rinse with warm water.

Suitable for frequent use.

Product ingredients are not tested on animals.


Cocos nucifera , Trigonella foenum , Vertiveria zizaniodies


Brand Siddhalepa
Contents Single Bottle
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LS41256170 Unknown 200g

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