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Amritha Joss Sticks Sandalwood

Amritha Joss Sticks Sandalwood

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(SKU: LSB020289A) Our incense sticks are handmade out of natural fiber. We soak each stick for a minimum of 48 hours in our premium True Goddess brand fragrance oil. Each stick will burn for over an hour, and the scent is long lasting. Our sticks are not made until you order them, so we guarantee their freshness. Our incense differ from other sticks on the market because they are so fresh that they will still be a little damp when you receive them. These incense sticks are excellent for medicinal purposes as well as for meditation. As a medicine, it is a cure for nervous disorders. For non-medicinal purposes he is in great demand as an aid to meditation. These incense sticks have a very clear effect soothing on the mind. But the wood of Oud is not only made for that.

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