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Akbar Strawberry Kiwi (40g) 20 Tea Bags

Akbar Strawberry Kiwi (40g) 20 Tea Bags

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(SKU: LS9000C0DA) Some marriages are made in a teacup! Go on a date with exotic kiwi fruit and luscious strawberry and let them dance delightfully in to the richness of Green Tea! This luxurious concoction is sweet , tangy and oh –so-nice on ice and perfectly princely in a warm teacup.

Akbar Tea is manufactured using only the most tender tea leaves carefully handpicked by tea pluckers from the lush tea gardens in the mountains of Sri Lanka. This garden fresh tea is then immediately packed and sealed according to the highest standards to guarantee its freshness and quality.

Akbar tea is assessed according to the most stringent quality standards by expert tea tasters who have mastered their skill by relying on nearly a century of expertise in the field of tea tasting and blending. By preserving the fine values of a 100 year old tradition, the Akbar Family guarantees that only the best cup of tea reaches you.

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